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As a man, do you ever feel like you are wasting your life with untapped potential? Do you find yourself struggling with feelings of anger, frustration and loneliness? Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time and energy attempting to find deeper meaning, without much to show for it. Now is the time to create a new legacy. Now is the time to step up and become the king of your life.

In Becoming Kings you will learn how to:

Become emotionally fit and mentally bulletproof

Take full responsibility for living your best life

Fully align your needs for maximum fulfilment

Create the three kingdoms of total life mastery

Embrace your new life of rich abundance

Become emotionally fit and mentally bulletproof
Take full responsibility for living your best life
Fully align your needs for maximum fulfillment
Create the three kingdoms of total life mastery
Embrace your new life of rich abundance


Becoming Kings

The Becoming Kings Podcast is for any man pursuing greater abundance and fulfillment in life, especially when he knows that he’s not living up to his greatest potential. What does it take to be powerful, purpose-driven, and fulfilled? It takes doing the difficult work to break down the old masculine paradigms so that you can become whole, healthy, and trustworthy as a man. It takes giving up the excuses and the broken promises to become the king of your life. This podcast is the map to get you there, and Johnny King is your guide.

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ABOUT Johnny

Meet Johnny King

Before Johnny King became a transformational coach for men to help them reach their highest potential, he first had to discover his own potential. Amidst the recession of 2010, Johnny was broke: $35,000 in debt, jobless, and picking up the pieces of a failed marriage. He thought he was done. That low point became the catalyst for his journey toward self-mastery. He resolved to never experience hopelessness like that again. Over the next few years Johnny built multiple successful businesses, became a successful author, and produces a podcast. He systemized his habits and routines to create a life of freedom and fulfillment.

He’s now teaching other men those tools so they too can own their day, realize their dreams, and truly become the Kings of their life.



Ready for the next step, however, you don’t know where to start… Dig into one of my e-courses from the comfort of your favorite chair and learn how to build a life of greatness!


Only you have the power to affect the direction of your destiny. Start today by designing your perfect day and finally taking ownership of your life.


Face your past, evaluate the present, and design your ideal future so you can create your own powerful blueprint for achieving what you truly want in your life


Every day of the Challenge, you will get guidance, inspiration, and daily action steps to provide the help you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.



Hear from the men that have changed their lives with the help of Johnny and the Brotherhood he’s created.

Reid H.

“Johnny is a patient, tenacious servant leader. He’s not overbearing, not judgmental, just there. I’m glad to have met him and benefitted from his support and guidance.”

Reid H.

Robbie D.

“Johnny, in working with you, I’ve added at least 10-15 years to my life. I have more energy now and people can see it in my face. My life is forever changed. I’m so grateful for you. You’re the f*cking man!”

Robbie D.

Ed H.

“Working with Johnny through this journey was key to my success. Always supporting, always encouraging. How could I not succeed? Bravo, Johnny. Thank you!!!”

Ed H.

Be the king


Want to break out of overwhelm and mediocrity to tap into your highest potential? Now is time to be the King of your Kingdom.

Living a healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilling life is easy, we over complicate it. I’m here to help you charge head first into your higher self, whether that means reigniting your relationships or discovering who you truly are.

The greatest gift and legacy we each can leave when our days are done, is to offer future generations an example of the healthy masculine man that is worthy of emulating.

I want you to contribute to something greater than yourself. This promotes growth that will help you sustain your life. When you grow you gain the knowledge to be aware of what you can do, and develop the wisdom to know what you shouldn’t. All of this works together to live a life that becomes your adventure.

Let’s work together to create the habits that will change your life. How we do anything is how we do everything.

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