#1 Biggest Mistake Men Make in Relationships

by Feb 22, 2021

“Shot through the heart!”

I hope you enjoy having Bon Jovi live in your head for a few minutes. You’re welcome.

We’ve been talking a lot about anger, anxiety, and the past lately. Now that Valentine’s Day has left us, I think it’s a great time to talk about relationships. All this work we do for ourselves ultimately impacts other people, especially our lovers. 

Whether you’re single, dating, or married, there’s one big, ugly, way-too-easy mistake we can make…

Perhaps it’s not communicating more? Getting angry when hair clogs the drain? Maybe it’s having differing opinions when it comes to raising kids?

Honestly, it’s something smaller, something to do with you

It’s a mistake that gets in your head, drives you to make bad decisions, and ultimately crushes your self-esteem. Over the years, I’ve learned that settling is never the answer, and sometimes, to be our best, we need to let go of our relationships. 

Other times, we have to take a chance to correct the #1 mistake. I’ll teach you how in this episode of The Johnny King Show.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Biggest mistake you can make in love. (0:54)
  • From sweet to malicious. (3:32)
  • WHAT? (6:37)
  • With healing brings compassion & empathy. (10:02)
  • A solution offered. (13:51)
  • Are you still running? (16:49)

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