21 Suggestions for Success

by Jul 31, 2020

Even though there’s no real shortcuts in life, there are ways to make it easier!

It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of life. It’s even easier to lose your way in the feelings of overwhelm. So when the going gets tough, it can be useful to seek out encouragement… or even some useful tips to help you get reoriented. 

This episode of the podcast is a little different than others you may have listened to. I was perusing Facebook the other night and saw this post titled “21 Suggestions for Success.” 

Diving into it I realized how true many of the original creator’s suggestions were, and thought it would be great to try something new:

So when you dive in, you’re going to experience a reading of each suggestion with commentary from me about whether I agree, how it can be applied to your life, etc. 

Join me as we discuss how you can hand yourself a few useful tools to boost your happiness.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • #1 – Marry the right person. (1:10)
  • #4 – Become the most positive person you know. (5:37)
  • #12 – Commit yourself to quality. (10:38)
  • #15 – Be honest and in integrity with your word. (13:55)
  • #18 – Stop blaming others & take responsibility. (17:16)
  • #21 – Beware of the wrath of mom! (19:28)

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