The 25% Rule

by Aug 5, 2020

Whether or not people like us is rarely in our control.

Some people will like you no matter what. Others may not. That’s just how it goes… At least, that’s what I thought. 

As it turns out, there may be something larger at play that can determine who likes us, who doesn’t, and who could enter the fray as either a supporter or detractor. Since I’ve been out there for a few years now and growing as a public figure here in Denver, I’ve had people level all sorts of criticism at me. 

Some good. Some bad. I was chatting with a friend recently who took a moment to share some wisdom on how to deal with people. She had four categories for how people thought about her, so that she could counteract any worry about their opinions. 

It’s certainly tough to overcome the need to be a people pleaser, however if you put her 25% rule into practice, you may be able to beat it! 

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The 25% rule. (1:30)
  • Some people just ain’t gonna like you. (3:50)
  • Why healthy conversations are good. (6:10)
  • Word of caution to people pleasers. (8:06)
  • You trust someone’s yes by how they use their no. (9:03)

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