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The Foolproof Way To Finally Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle In The Next 30 Days (Even If You’ve Been Trying For Years Or Decades!)

Finally available to anyone looking to surpass their health goals in record time, finish each week satisfied with their progress, all while enjoying more time for what matters most…WITHOUT any of the overwhelm, deprivation, or burn out

“If I improve my health and lose weight… will I actually be able to keep it off?”

Countless people over the last few months, during these crazy COVID-19 times, have been feeling polarizing emotions of stressed out of their freakin’ minds and absolutely bored with being home so much.

Have you noticed how feeling stressed and bored, sad and celebrated are all emotions that you often combine with food?

Maybe you can relate…

  • Pushing through long hours just to keep things from falling apart
  • Unable to enjoy downtime because you fell short of what you hoped to accomplish for the day, or week, so your reward often becomes bingeing food, TV, and/or alcohol
  • Clueless where you’re going to find time or guidance to dial in your health to halt the growing number on the scale

It can be an extremely scary and dark time when you know you’re in a downward slide mentally, emotionally, and physically, without any end in sight.

Imagine how healthier habits and eliminating self-sabotage could convince everyone that you’ve cloned yourself; by the mere fact that you could get 3x as much done—and you could do it stress-free, without sacrificing what matters most in your life.

That might sound far fetched, but as you’ll see in a sec…

Many extremely busy people are already taking advantage of this breakthrough to create a healthy lifestyle faster than ever and lower the needle on the scale in big ways, all while freeing up plenty of time and energy to enjoy the things that matter most…

“The cool thing about the challenge is, [it’s] thought provoking, challenging, and productive, but it’s NOT time-starving! The emails are all foundational building blocks you can use to level-up yourself. The program is AMAZING. I highly recommend.” – Rick

Before I share with you exactly how these people did that right here on this page, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Johnny King.

I’ve lived through some tough things in my life thus far. My mom passing away from cancer, my ex asking for a divorce, witnessing my buddy’s climbing accident that resulted in his death.

I’ve personally coached more than 3,000 people over the last decade who have all experienced tragedy and scary things outside of their control during their lives.

The truth is, life isn’t fair.

Because I wasn’t intentional in creating healthy boundaries, my people pleasing tendencies resulted in life taking more than ever from me until I had absolutely nothing more to give.

It was then that I hit my breaking point. The “hard work” was no longer enough to survive.

The reality was that I was drowning in the overwhelm of life’s responsibilities while I was concurrently failing in my work, as a husband, and in my health.

It was then that I decided things must change.

Over the years, I began creating a healthy lifestyle that combined a high level of achievement with an equally as important emphasis on fulfillment.

Because let’s be honest, becoming successful while still feeling deeply unfulfilled, feels like death. There’s nothing worse than achieving your goal, only to feel as empty and alone as you did prior to setting out on your journey.

This is the difference between those who “diet” and those who create a “healthy lifestyle.”

You think it’s any coincidence that the first three letters of the word are “die”? Because that’s what dieting feels like, death. Lol

Seriously, a diet is a problem-based solution and people never stay on diet long term because it’s only meant to solve a problem. Once the weight is gone, the diet is done and you know as well as I do what happens next.

However if you think about a healthy lifestyle, it isn’t just a temporary fix, it’s a way of life.

I’ve been hard at work building a brand new program that’ll help someone like you to get the results you want in your health, vitality, and quality of life.

It helps anyone struggling to break their unhealthy habits and diminishing self-esteem by giving them a step-by-step method for creating physical freedom and emotional fitness without any of the overwhelm, deprivation, or burnout.

I’m calling it, the “30-Day Physical Mastery Challenge.”

In it, you’ll discover…

Why your unhealthy habits and routines may be SHUTTING DOWN your central nervous system and cutting your capacity in half… and a simple tweak to fix this without surrendering your momentum

​How to use “healthy boundaries” to immediately halt the downward slide of your self-esteem and the upward climb of the scale

The role your identity plays in creating your ideal lifestyle (without alignment here you’re guaranteed to fail)

The “Push/Pull” strategy that immediately multiplies your effectiveness while making you nearly bulletproof against burnout

How to overcome feeling stressed and overwhelmed by creating a simple daily system for prioritizing all the things you need to do

The three-step process for creating lasting change in your life

How to create powerfully effective rituals to begin, and end, the day strong

How to consistently get quality sleep so that you feel fully refreshed and ready to take on each new day

“It was a transformational month. I recognized a few things: 1. Going in my main goal was to kick my sugar habit. I was able to take small steps and it worked! 2. The morning emails were great to highlight mindfulness in what I was working to accomplish. 3. Personal emails from Johnny helped me really feel part of the process and I liked the accountability challenged. There was also a relaxed, but focused energy during the whole process.” – Edward

Once you join this program, the content of the course will be delivered via daily emails starting this coming Monday!

Keep in mind, this isn’t for you if you’re not up for a challenge and are happy with the results you’ve been getting.

However, it is for you if you’re ready to get the results you’ve wanted for years and haven’t been able to maintain.
Here’s the thing…if I were to coach you one-on-one for 30 days through this exact process, it would be a minimum $3,000.

Clients pay a minimum $9,000 and a three-month commitment when they work with me directly.

I’m not going to charge you that.

When I release this program for future classes it will be $1,000 which is an INSANE deal.

$1,000 to basically guarantee a monumental up leveling in you adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

It’s a no brainer.

How much has it cost you so far to not adopt a healthy lifestyle?

I can guarantee that by not having adopted a consistent healthy lifestyle has already cost you thousands in wasted time, experiences, and memories you could have had if your unhealthy habits weren’t holding you back.

I’m not going to charge you thousands.

Right now, the standard investment is only $199.

You got it, for the tiniest fraction of what you’ll gain in experiences, self-confidence, and fulfillment in your life, you can have all of it within 30 days.

Or, put another way, that’s just $7 a day to change your lifestyle once and for all.

Isn’t your life worth at least as much as that unhealthy meal you just ordered through DoorDash?

No doubt, it is!

However, this deal gets even better.

I want to make it an even more of a no brainer to get started with creating a healthier lifestyle and achieving physical mastery.

Because you’re here to bless the world.

You’re here to do amazing things.

You’re here to accomplish more than to spend your life worrying about what you should or shouldn’t eat.

Life has so much more in store for you than to spend your lifetime losing and regaining the same amount of weight, year after year, decade after decade.

That’s why this week, you can get started with the 30-Day Physical Mastery Challenge for only $47.

Alright. No more talking about it.

Let’s do this together!

Join the 30 Day Challenge

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Take 30 days to go through the 30-Day Physical Mastery Challenge program, and if it does not help you have mornings and that are more focused and purposeful, I’ll refund your order! This program was made for you. And I believe in standing behind my products. The last thing I want to do is see you waste time and money with something that you don’t use. Just contact within 30 days of I’ll have your payment refunded. You have absolutely nothing to lose and the world to gain!