Achieving Freedom Through AirBNB with Dr. Chau

by Apr 18, 2022

From $350k in debt to retired in your 30’s

Dr. Chau Ong thought after 8 years of rigorous academic work that he had achieved freedom. In actuality, the opposite was true. 

$350,000 in loans shackled him to a life of nonstop work with no financial or personal freedom. 

A pharmacist by trade, he started to feel alienated from his true purpose of helping patients, the one that he had dedicated so much of his life to. The nature of his work led him to feeling like a mill for pills, and toward the empty feeling that he was not actually improving people’s lives. 

Then, in the span of 12 months, he was able to rediscover his financial independence via AirBnB. Now an AirBnB coach, Dr. Chau is able to use his investment knowledge and inventive approach to real estate to help others find their purpose and freedom. 

On this episode of The Becoming Kings Podcast, Dr. Chau and I discuss the ins-and-outs of real estate investing, what really drives us, and the interplay of strategy and mindset.


In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Making money through AirBnB. (0:53)
  • Where does drive come from? (9:31)
  • The nuances of the corporate housing strategy. (19:11)
  • The strategy vs mindset difference. (28:56)
  • The infinite return strategy. (38:53)


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