Activity vs Impact with Brian Pickowicz

by Jul 5, 2021

Forceful action for a better future.

Who would have thought that a bodybuilder could ever feel small

After leaving the bodybuilding scene, Brian had to face an uncomfortable reality: his life hadn’t exactly gone how he’d envisioned. The goal had been to be famous, to roll back into his hometown someone everyone would admire. 

Yet he found out the hard way that life likes to laugh in the face of our plans. 

And after a few years of genuinely taking steps forward he continued to be thwarted at every turn. It took outrunning his old mindset, literally, to discover what he needed to do to set his life on track, achieve a set of new goals, and attain that elusive success he craved. 

Join me for the latest episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast as I sit down with the wise and insightful Brian Pickowicz. We discuss the nature of success, mastery over the body, and how to persevere through hardship, disappointment, and outright defeat.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Puppy Fatherhood. (1:12)
  • Creating a new mission. (8:37)
  • What caused “the shift”? (19:42)
  • Productivity vs impact. (29:18)
  • What price do you want to pay? (38:16)
  • Forward movement vs stacious. (46:48)
  • Conquering the Day! (54:06)

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