Anger and Apathy

by Jan 15, 2021

Don’t ignore the signals that something is wrong.

Starting with this new coach has already uncovered deep insight into what motivates my actions. In our discussion this week, she noted that I seemed to harbor a lot of anger towards myself. In the past I’d processed a lot of anger tied to my parents, except I hadn’t considered myself as part of the problem. 

It was in that moment of digging in that she shared a unique perspective about anger with me… a total game changer that could help anyone make sense of the resistance that comes from bottling up self-anger. 

However, she didn’t just share that perspective, we got to the root of why prolonged self-anger is so problematic: it takes a very large amount of energy to keep it suppressed. Eventually, you spend a majority of your resources combating it, leaving you empty, directionless, and exhausted. 

Want to discover how to flip the script on your anger and how to manage it? Listen to find out.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Gettin’ real with y’all. (0:37)
  • Suppressed anger turns the masculine apathetic. (3:04)
  • You’re feeling stuck because you’re looking outside yourself. (6:12)
  • What does an anger release practice look like? (9:35)
  • Nice guys have a lot of anger. (12:29)
  • Why you must release the energy before it builds. (15:12)

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