Antidotes to The Four Biggest Relationship Pitfalls

by Sep 24, 2021

Keeping the ego in check.

When things get heated with people we care about, what’s one of the first things that comes out of our mouths?

“I feel like YOU do that to hurt me!”

Or at least, some variation of that. This reflex to blame the other person comes out when our egos are left unchecked. The beauty of embarking on the journey of self improvement is that over time you’ll be able to distance yourself from the ego, and show much deeper compassion to others.

Of course, it also means that you can ensure you’re not creating unrealistic expectations and strife in your relationships. Unfortunately, the ego is a tricky thing to overcome at times, which is why it tends to infect our relationships in four key areas. 

Good news is, on this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast we’re going to identify these four areas, while also giving you the antidotes you need to treat your ego and avoid these pitfalls!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Choose your own adventure. (1:28)
  • Criticism. (6:11)
  • When you get overwhelmed with an attack. (12:28)
  • The antidote to contempt. (18:02)
  • Finding deeper levels of empathy. (25:52)

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