Are You Being Truly Authentic?

by Apr 6, 2022

Consistency counts

Getting out of town is always good for perspective. I’ve left Denver for the week to go visit family and friends in St. Louis, and something profound occurred to me.

The “Nice Guy” in me is acting out more than usual. 

When pressured to go and spend time with people who I feel obligated to hang out with, despite my not really wanting to, I start coming up with reasons to give in. It’s a temptation to fall back into old behaviors. 

Shaming myself into hanging out with people who haven’t made time to see me previously is skewing my own perception of my persona. It’s a fundamentally different man I know myself to be than when I’m in Denver.

On this episode, I dissect how we can be consistent with our authentic selves. Not feeling ashamed, feeling truly apologetic, or being genuinely thankful, are all nuances that determine the role authenticity plays in our day to day experience

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Anchors & triggers. (0:46)
  • Becoming Kings book support. (5:24)
  • Pushups for apologizing. (9:16)
  • So what if they don’t like you. (12:50)
  • Challenge yourself to be in integrity. (14:55)

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