Are You Driven to Dominate or Led to Legacy?

by Feb 3, 2021

If it’s not a win-win we all lose.

Somewhere along the way masculinity became all about dominating others, showing force, while treating others like competition. And we need to get something straight here:

It shouldn’t be like that. 

Being driven is good. I advocate for it all the time, however if you’re trampling others along the way, I have to ask you “Why?” You see, it’s not about getting to the finish line or building the life you want as fast as possible. It’s important to remember what you’re leaving behind along the way. 

What does it mean to be led by legacy then? We ought to be strong, yet not crush others. Every action we take impacts our families, every path we choose must be traveled with companionship in mind, and we must never go out of our way to hurt others. 

Which is why creating that win-win is so important, and I’ll teach you how in this episode of The Johnny King Show, while helping you see how to leave dominating behind.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Being turned off by building a legacy. (1:19)
  • Refining instead of defining. (5:00)
  • Raising future generations to be better off than us. (8:43)
  • Are you driven or are you being led? (12:14)
  • What we can learn from the greatest generation. (13:56)
  • Are you in competition with someone or are you focused on win-wins. (17:08)

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