Are You Driven Towards or Away?

by Aug 18, 2021

The fuel you run on matters.

I have to admit up front…

I run on disappointment. Fearing disappointing myself is a potent motivator, however it’s not the kind of empowerment I need to succeed in the long term. And after talking with a few guys recently, it seems I’m not the only one who operates this way. 

What it all really comes down to is drive and the fuel yours runs on. 

Thankfully, we’re not like cars where the wrong fuel can ruin our engines permanently. Instead, we’re extremely adaptable and efficient; meaning we can easily change up how we operate by changing our circumstances, coming to terms with how we operate, and making intentional choices to do better. 

Then by shifting our focus it’s possible to orient around a “towards” the challenge drive, instead of an “away” from the challenge drive. 

If you want to find out how this all works, you’ll have to listen to the latest episode of the Becoming Kings podcast where you’ll be given the tools you need to discover what you’re fueled by and how you can tune your drive to benefit your life.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How are you motivated? (0:53)
  • I’m motivated by disappointment. (3:57)
  • Start with a clear action plan. (7:17)
  • No wonder we often feel overwhelmed. (10:52)
  • Curiosity and “toward” values. (14:16)
  • Your next action assignment. (16:17)

Listen to the episode

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