Are You Needy Or Do You Have Needs?

by Mar 19, 2021

Watch out for the iceberg…

We’ve all got trigger points stemming from our childhoods. Mine come from what I’ve dubbed “The Father Wound” in earlier episodes. Basically, because my father was distant, busy, and running from his own demons, it developed a nice little “abandonment” complex in me. 

And relationships seemed to have a knack for bringing it out. 

“Johnny, what does that have to do with icebergs though?” 

Well, there’s this idea that we only see five percent of the problem at any point in time… not unlike how you only ever see the peak of an iceberg. 

So, when I was careening toward divorce with my ex-wife, we kept fighting about a ton of things, however we weren’t addressing any of the real problems. It turned out that the root of the problems went a lot deeper than they seemed.

Later, my emotional iceberg was the catalyst for most of my dating relationships failing. So, today on The Johnny King Show, we’re going to take a look at how you can start to heal in your life by identifying the emotional icebergs in your life. 

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In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The power of relationships. (0:43)
  • Did you feel seen, loved and safe as a child? (3:39)
  • Were you abandoned or confused as a child? (7:12)
  • Wounded children fighting against each other. (11:44)
  • The difference: Needs vs Neediness. (15:44)
  • The real work is done within. (18:56)
  • Do you feel stuck and in a rut? (21:14)

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