Authentic Leadership

by Feb 25, 2022

Acceptance is the path authority

The prototypical strong leaders in society are conspicuously faultless and without weakness. They project constant strength and competency, regardless of any challenges that come their way. 

It’s an inauthentic representation and needs to be dispelled. 

What is the use of looking at someone who represents themselves as faultless and trying to embody that state of being? It is literally unattainable, and ultimately harmful to our goal of becoming Kings. Instead, we need to embrace and be transparent about our faults, vulnerabilities, and challenges we face in everyday life. That is how leadership should be cultivated, via relatability, empathy, and acceptance. 

On this episode of Becoming Kings, we discuss what brings you life vs takes your life, accepting and owning your individuality, and becoming truly authentic.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Leadership through vulnerability. (1:25)
  • Understanding Men. (5:17)
  • What brings you life vs takes your life? (8:46)
  • Men in the tunnel. (11:44)
  • Authenticity resonates. (13:50)

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