Avoid Fear Disguised As Practicality

by Apr 29, 2022

The paradox of choice

If you’re unfamiliar with the paradox of choice, it simply means decisions are more challenging when there are more options available, leading to greater levels of dissatisfaction.  

In life, we’re given a plethora of choices regarding what we want to do in our lives. That sometimes leaves us in a job we hate, feeling unhappy and stuck – fear disguised as practicality. We can either choose to accept this reality or change it. 

I realized this a little before and during my divorce. I didn’t have to live an unfulfilling life if I didn’t want to. It’s the fear that was holding me back.

In this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I delve into the captivating life of Jim Carrey, the risks he took (and why he chose that risk), how practicality is robbing you of a life well-lived, and the steps to conquering fear moving forward.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Wisdom of Jim Carrey. (0:46)
  • Heal so that you can feel. (4:37)
  • Practicality or dreams? (9:06)
  • Do you enjoy life? (13:59)
  • Healing the wounds. (17:22)

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