Battle Tested with Marc Montoya

by Aug 3, 2020

Mixed martial arts can reveal a lot about life.

Sitting down with Marc Montoya means two things:

You’re going to get his views straight. And they’re always going to be great. 

Thing is, this fourth generation Colorodian has spent his whole life fighting, and mastering martial arts. Each discipline has taught him lessons about life, and he joined me to reflect on what he’s learned about self-improvement and being a better man. 

One of the main things we need to remember about being men is that life is hard work. We can’t give into complacency, especially when things get hard. Want to be the best man you can be? Get ready to fail a lot. Want to get through a string of hard times?

Have a short memory. Get back up, and jump into the mix! 

Join us to learn some lessons from the fighting ring.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • That one time I kicked Marc’s ass lol! (0:52)
  • The fabric that made Marc who he is. (11:02)
  • Not afraid to succeed or fail. (23:28)
  • Stop listening to the 2% of people who say you suck. (38:07)
  • Letting go of what you cannot control. (53:54)
  • You should feel scared when reaching for your potential. (1:04:34)
  • The power of trusting your instincts. (1:13:45)

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1 Comment

  1. Emily

    This was so awesome! Hands down one of the best sit downs of your show to me. If I were in Denver I’d be totally disguising myself as a dude and crashing your men’s meeting to hear him share. What a cool dude, righteous. Sucker for the buffalo story too.

    What was his acronym for fear? I had trouble catching that. I listened a few times and couldn’t catch it.

    my fav comments

    “trust the what, fuck the win, know the why” ((((badass))))

    “scars have stories, stories have success, success builds legacy—that’s what we are after”

    Loved this one so much, thanks for sharing this conversation with us!