Becoming a Resilient Leader with Philip Folsom

by May 17, 2021

Interpretation makes the difference

Recently, I sat down with Philip Folsom, an anthropologist who has studied ancient warrior cultures from around the world, and was a warrior himself serving in an elite unit of the United States Army. 

As men, we’ve been domesticated by our mothers as a way to keep us safe. That’s great when we’re children, however it’s a limiting container when we reach a certain age. In generations past we moved from our mother’s house to our father’s house through ceremony and became men; in today’s society that rite of passage no longer exists and as Philip puts it we are all a bunch of adolescent males masquerading as men. 

Joining the Army was Philips self-proclaimed rite of passage, and since then he’s taken the wisdom practices of these cultures and applied them to modern-day leaders so they can upgrade their sustainable resiliency and performance. 

It is his belief that what sets us apart is our ability to adapt and evolve to any situation rather than continuing to say “That’s just how I am.” 

Philip is also known for his discovery of our connection and alliance to wolves more than 35,000 years ago which has made the wolf our oldest ally and greatest teacher. Dive into this episode of The Johnny King Show as Philip and I discuss military drones in the 80s, Wolf Wisdom, and what it means to be great men in today’s society.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • 30 years of “men’s work”. (0:56)
  • What is it about gold? (9:07)
  • Book suggestion: Iron John. (18:28)
  • The genetic bottleneck of humans. (28:51)
  • Multi-generational learning from elders. (39:01)
  • The Importance of Kinship. (46:37)
  • The K4 Program Overview. (51:09)

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