Becoming an Authentic Man with Mark Edward Davis

by Nov 22, 2021

You can’t steer a parked car 

How one harnesses their life experience is integral to their identity. Mark Edward Davis is all too aware of that fact, as he has gone through more peaks and valleys than you can imagine. It is imperative that we recognize that we are not alone when we are in one of those valleys.

Mark works to help men use their lived experience to find hope in the darkest of times. Everyone has felt like their suffering, struggles, or feeling stuck in their lives is unique to them. And yet, so many of us could just as easily talk to someone we know and find that these inner struggles are very common. Mark works to help men realize this fact and utilize their lived experience to mold them to become better versions of themselves. 

Living authentically is at the heart of Mark’s mission. That ethos, living your truest and best life, is essential to any man’s lifelong journey through the decades. On this episode of Becoming Kings, Mark and I had a wide-ranging and informative conversation on how we can all live our most authentic lives.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Bromancing it up! (2:01)
  • What each decade represents for men. (11:28)
  • Seeking truth around the world. (23:03)
  • Three core elements of a man’s heart. (34:19)
  • Learn each other’s cups that need filling. (46:00)
  • Finding a level of equilibrium. (56:13)

Resources from the episode

Iron John: A Book about Men
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover
Halftime by Bob Buford
Wild at Heart by John Eldridge
Confidence of the Authentic Man by Mark Edward Davis
How to lead in Crisis by Mark Edward Davis

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