Becoming Entrepreneurial

by Jun 17, 2020

Life is a lot harder when you’re lacking passion.

Trust me, I lived it. I had no idea what I wanted to do after my mom died, my marriage fell apart, and I gave up my career. Along the way I started coaching and opened a few gyms and something started to make sense to me. 

Before it clicked, I had to have a heart to heart conversation with my good friend, Lewis Howes. After talking with him, I started running in the right direction and it lead me to this truth:

Most motivators are external. And that’s exactly why so many people struggle to get more control over their lives. There’s this secret you have to internalize if you want to be an entrepreneur or master your life trajectory (as much as you’re able to anyway)… 

You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Having the guts to take risk in being an entrepreneur (1:40)
  • Deciding on Certainty or Growth (5:30)
  • The importance of allowing others to know, like & trust you (11:53)
  • Exercise: How to deliver what your customer needs (15:09)
  • Balancing work in your business vs on your business (19:26)
  • The fight for knowing before doing (23:13)

Listen to the episode

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