Being Conscious vs Unconscious in Life with John Fuller

by Jun 28, 2021

Achieving the lives we wished we lived.

All too often, our lives are lived mostly unconscious. We’re not asleep, rather we struggle to understand what our roles are and how powerful we can be. 

By living “unconsciously” we forfeit some of the control and influence we can have to make life into what we want it to be. 

My friend Jon Fuller is a transformational coach dedicated to helping people discover how they fit into their own lives, while supporting them in the growth they need to change it for the better. 

Because of the world we live in, much of our time is spent paying attention to everything other than ourselves and our needs. We’re encouraged to focus on accumulating stuff to essentially fill up lives that could be filled with incredible experiences and lasting fulfillment. 

Instead, we often find ourselves chasing the fleeting, living into reactivity. The thing about Jon is, he doesn’t want people to live this way. And he’s stopped by the Becoming Kings Podcast to teach us how to take back control, and stop wishing things were different.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Living a conscious or unconscious life. (1:43)
  • Balance between abundance & scarcity. (9:27)
  • Mustang…what? (18:48)
  • Let go and see what’s possible! (27:39)
  • What if there’s nothing to fix? (37:00)
  • We are not stagnant, we are always shifting. (44:54)
  • With greater bandwidth comes the need for consciousness. (52:17)

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