Beware of “Self Improvement”

by Nov 26, 2021

Buzzwords that trigger instead of inspire

Progress. Improvement. Growth. Development. 

These are words that inevitably get used excessively in the self-improvement realm that we’re in. These keywords are invariably thrown around because they are at the core of the self-improvement journey. However, through conversations with people close to me, I’ve found that they can be triggering. 

Some of the concerns they’ve shared with me about those terms are that they carry a weight. A weight that says “you’re not good enough. You’ve tried to improve and achieve your goals but you won’t get there.” Instead of using these terms as a launchpad for growth, they become weights that keep us down. 

How can we come from a place where we are enough, but also doing the work because you’re always moving forward? How can you love yourself and be content with yourself while still moving toward Becoming a King? This episode is devoted to those questions and more.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Cousins don’t shake hands, cousins hug. (1:30)
  • Where we’ve come… (7:24)
  • You are enough and progress is natural. (15:30)
  • Please, be sensitive to my needs. (24:03)
  • There is grace in the joy of surrendering. (31:41)

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