Breakdowns Precede Breakthroughs

by Jun 23, 2021

Step into challenges.

Sometimes we need to throw ourselves into the thick of it and force ourselves to have the tough conversations we so often avoid. 

Why should we step up and face the pain, anger, and sadness? Well, friend, it has a little something to do with finding our path to healing. Think about it for a moment:

When we have a surplus of intense emotion, we tend to want to contain it, and it forces us to harbor those feelings for as long as we can. They don’t feel good so letting them out would also not be good… Right? 

Unfortunately, we can’t just make all those feelings go away, and the longer we hang onto them, the more they affect every aspect of our lives. More importantly, they keep us from being vulnerable and sharing the burden with others.

Which is actually what I wanted to chat with you about today: 

Allowing the breakdown to happen with people you trust so you can both grow as people. So, if you’ve been looking for insight into the inner workings of our emotional minds, then you won’t want to miss this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Walking the Talk. (0:54)
  • Working through the resentment. (4:57)
  • The heart of an angel. (8:45)
  • Stop getting and start giving. (12:16)
  • Do emotions hinder or help? (15:47)
  • Pick up the phone and have that conversation. (18:56)

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