Breaking the Suppression / Eruption Pattern

by Mar 3, 2021

Beware the collateral damage.

Hiking with my friend this week, he mentioned he’s got a BIG red flag he pays attention to that helps him diffuse his anger. He calls it his judge, because whenever he’s angry he starts judging everything people around him do. 

Unfortunately, a lot of guys I know have trouble recognizing the red flags. And even if they do, their instinct is to stuff their feelings until they express in even worse ways. Facing down emotions that make us feel vulnerable or weak makes pushing them away in the moment far easier than dealing with them. 

Being someone who has a lot of anger, it’s hard for me to watch others suffer from the collateral damage. My anger rarely comes out in yelling and definitely never expresses in violence, however I get apathetic and that can cause it’s own damage. Other guys explode, and do a lot more pointed damage with their words or actions. 

Thing is, shrapnel of any kind is a huge danger to relationships and can deeply hinder building a healthier life. So, how can we end this cycle? It requires something that not a lot of men are willing to do right away…

We’ve got to have a safe place to feel. 

In this episode of The Johnny King Show, we’ll learn how to finally  break the “suppression / eruption” cycle so many of us fall into on a daily basis.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Revealing our blind spots. (3:22)
  • Supreme Court Justice. (6:44)
  • Suppressing & blowing up. (9:16)
  • When life goes sideways. (9:46)
  • The feminine needs to feel safe. (13:16)
  • Masculine & Feminine balance. (16:32)
  • Healthy pressure release valves. (18:46)

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