Breaking Through Physical Limits with Kristen Douhan

by Aug 31, 2020

Learning how to use violence as a tool doesn’t make a violent person.

If you’ve ever had one of those know-it-all doctors, then you understand how isolating that feels. Many people in the medical field would rather keep their patients rotating, and default to by-the-book understandings of the conditions that ail us. 

As it turns out, empathy and understanding can go a long way to telling a deeper story… while exposing the true causes of why we don’t heal properly, or why health issues develop. 

My guest today is Kristen Douhan, a physical therapist for the Men’s USA National Rugby team. In her line of work, it’s so important to understand the history of her patients, as well as their mental states. So much of what we experience in both pain and recovery is informed by more than the present. 

As she puts it, our bodies are built like a Jenga block tower. When one thing is wrong, we often try to compensate to keep the body running. Find out more from her PT training and experiences in the latest episode of TJKS.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Kristen’s background. (0:35)
  • What motivates Kristen in her work. (7:25)
  • You get surgery and there’s no PT support. (14:17)
  • The art of connecting the dots for healing. (24:28)
  • Don’t limit yourself because of your age or history. (33:20)
  • The low back & neck connection. (42:00)
  • Supporting people through the mind/body connection. (49:02)

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