Brendan MacHamer – Two Guys and a Microphone

by May 11, 2020

Brotherhood and service are the foundations for being a better man.

This week is a little different. Brendan MacHamer and I sit down to go deep into faith, building community, and what it means to be a better man.

For so many guys, they’re caught up and trapped in a cycle where they’re aware of their reality, yet don’t believe they can change. If you have been feeling that way, how do you set yourself apart, and do the hard work?

What makes the pursuit of a better life worthwhile? I think that it requires having a vision of the future that you want to pursue. Many of us have days where we’re just not feeling the struggle, like we don’t have the energy to do the hard work. It’s in these moments that many fail, and having a vision for what you want is the fuel that sustains you. 

Learn how to never give up and break the cycle in this episode.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Mispronouncing MacHamer (0:35)
  • Saddle up buckaroo (4:20)
  • Crucifying his ego (10:30)
  • The birth of Men’s Denver Serve (15:00)
  • Doing “The Work” (22:50)
  • What makes a man, a man (33:02)
  • Awakening from the Matrix (39:00)
  • The great importance of having a vision (46:02)

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