Building Your Inner Kingdom

by Jul 14, 2021

Physical mastery doesn’t mean you’re invincible…

Yet it will help you powerfully show up. Here’s the thing:

A lot of life’s experiences will be cut off from you when you slack on physical fitness. Now, I’m not saying you need to be the next world class gymnast, bodybuilder, or runner. What I AM saying is that leaning into your bodily fitness now will help you be prepared to enjoy far more. 

Take for instance a trip I took with some guys recently. Deep into the Colorado mountains, they planned to bike as far as they could. And me? I’ve been lifting really often, however my distance endurance was not so kept up.

Basically, these guys were on fire biking absurd distances and I had to follow behind in a car because there was no way that was happening. Thankfully, it instilled some great lessons about fitness, preparedness, and committing to pushing the body to its full potential. 

This time on the Becoming Kings Podcast, we’re taking a look at physical fitness, personal mastery, and how it can help unleash your Inner Kingdom.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The weight of proper adulting. (0:58)
  • Colorado backcountry gravel cycling. (3:14)
  • Sea level vs at altitude. (5:49)
  • Considering your environment. (8:50)
  • Why is your Inner Kingdom so important? (11:44)

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