Building Your Relationship Foundation

by Oct 28, 2020

Revenge of the “5 Love Languages”

Just kidding. No revenge, just a deeper dive into the topic! I chatted about these love languages more than a few episodes ago and I wanted to revisit them for one reason:

Love is hard work. 

And sometimes we need a reminder of what we can do to make things work (or realize they won’t). This episode is called what it is because so often, we get into our relationships without any idea what we want to build. 
There’s a lot to dive into including love tanks, the honeymoon stage, the two year length of relationships that don’t get worked on, and more. However you need to do one thingbefore we start if you haven’t:

Take the 5 Love Languages test right here.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Christmas in October? (0:32)
  • Take the test. (5:38)
  • The “in-love phenomenon”. (11:50)
  • The value of being multilingual. (18:40)
  • Quality activities and conversation. (24:41)
  • The Power or Failure to thrive! (29:56)

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