Catching Fire and Finding Flow with Sean Ti

by Jul 20, 2020

What’s it like to master being in your flow state?

For Sean Ti, flow was everything. He got addicted to it, and it almost cost him his entire life. 

The flow state is a powerful ability we have as people to produce better creatively and perform better physically. When we figure out how to hit on our own terms, it can elicit crazy results. And yet, the flow state has a dark side. 

It was something that Sean desired more than anything, and pairing it with his nature as an adrenaline junky led him to take big risks. He took one risk too many and ended up having an NDE (near death experience) during a traumatic powered paraglider accident. 

After several reconstructive surgeries, and having to relearn how to do everything he loved, Sean has pursued a new path in life. One where he teaches others how to respect the flow state and live exceptional lives—without putting oneself in extreme danger. 

Learn how to live for more with Sean Ti.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Back story to Sean Ti. (2:01)
  • Pursuing the flow state. (6:10)
  • Life resiliency. (15:29)
  • Sean’s near death accident. (20:45)
  • Putting the books back on the shelf. (34:08)
  • Letting go of relationships that do not serve. (44:10)

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