Characteristic for Creating Love that Lasts

by Jul 31, 2023

How to radiate authenticity.

Love isn’t accidental. It’s a craft. Perfected with time, molded with patience, and sparked by authenticity. And the key to lasting love? Being genuine, being you.  Let the world see the real you. Vulnerability might be scary, yet it’s the birthplace of deep connection. Authenticity isn’t an option; it’s a prerequisite.

Alongside authenticity, your communication needs to reflect your true self. Conversations aren’t just an exchange of words — they’re an exchange of emotions, thoughts, and desires. By communicating authentically, you can rapidly build trust with others and find someone you can connect with for years to come. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I sit down with my partner to discuss the ins and outs of love, why relationships thrive on open communication, and how to find your true, authentic self. Tune in as we deconstruct the nuances of relationships and how you can enable transparent dialogues.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Brand new “spanking” episode. (0:46)
  • Online dating requires thick skin. (8:02)
  • Authenticity wins. (17:11)
  • The wood burning fireplace. (24:27)
  • Trying to get to the goods. (31:45)
  • Trusting your gut and waiting is worth it. (37:27)

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