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More Than Ever, He is Living a Life of Quiet Desperation, Waking Up on Auto-Pilot, Being a “Yes” Man, Feeling Like He is Spinning His Wheels, Without a True Direction in His Life

More men than ever are feeling stuck, hopeless, and broken…

They feel this way because intuitively they know that no amount of career achievements, wealth, or expensive material possessions will ever fill the void. To become a King, healing must come from within. Men who seek temporary “pleasure” in their effort to feel worthy of respect open the door for destructive behavior.

A man and unhealed wounds become fertile ground for bad habits to creep in and take root. Distractions like porn, gaming, and gambling wage war for his coveted attention. And after years of living this life, a life of seeking fleeting pleasures to distract himself from his woundedness, does he become a shell of the man. He is not a King, rather he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Round and round this goes. We’re going through a masculinity crisis across the globe. Even the slightest bit of a man stepping into his power is labeled as dangerous by other broken and lost individuals. No wonder so many men suffer in silence!

Well, brother, I have good news for you.

There is hope. And peace is achievable. In fact, your purpose, vision, and dreams are ALL possible, and they are closer than you can ever imagine, only if you are ready to take a stand for yourself and say “YES” to your greater calling.

What I describe above, I know all too well. It was me for many years. And like me, most men these days spend their years in this cycle. Many become workaholics and chase more and more results thinking it will be the thing that will finally solve their problems.

I know without a doubt that since you’re here because you’re done running, hiding, and tolerating mediocrity in life. What has brought you here is a feeling deep down within your chest, like a knowing that you are capable of achieving so much more than what you’ve put out thus far.

How do I know this? It’s been coded into your DNA as a man.

Many FEEL good after buying a book like this, but that feeling quickly wanes. I know this first hand because over the last 15+ years, I’ve invested over $200k on books, courses, coaching, therapy, seminars, and more for the sake of stoking that fire that burns deep within.

For some reason everything I was learning would also wane and I’d find myself back in the drift of my everyday life. I searched for something to anchor into daily that would guide my decision making, give me structure, and move me towards my vision in life. I scratched and clawed for something that could bring me back on track when I veered off course.

That is until I discovered the Code of Kings.

The Code of Kings is an Operating System That Helps Men Let Go of the Past, Come Face-To-Face With Who You Want to Be, and Design a Customized Roadmap to Ensure You Become Him

It’s a 10-part living and breathing document that I have used to turn my life around from divorced and hopeless, to living out my dreams. That includes hosting a podcast, running multiple businesses, dating beautiful women, training hard in the gym, becoming a bestselling author, investing in real estate, healing my relationships, traveling the world, and so much more.

Not only is it my anchor, it is my battle plan for each day. It’s printed, laminated, and lives on my nightstand.

Like many men, there are days I wander off course or feel conflicted in my heart. When I do, I turn to this document, which I hold sacred.

My Code of Kings reminds me of who I am, what I am creating in life, and why I am doing it.

And if you are feeling unsure about your life’s direction, you want to feel a greater sense of pride and fulfillment, or you want to live with purpose, I highly recommend you create your own Code of Kings to use as the guiding force.

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Code of Kings is a 10-part online video program that walks you step-by-step into creating your very own Code of Kings. It’s a living and breathing blueprint that grows as you grow. Think of it like a life plan. You’ll find exercises that allow you to face your past, evaluate the present, and design your future. The videos walk you through my exact replica template to complete, print out, and laminate.

The end result? A new operating manual containing all you hold to be sacred in your life. It grants you the space to be at peace with your past and write a new future…getting it out of your head so you can start leading with your heart.



Foundation to your Code of Kings

Learn why this process is critical to finding and clarifying your purpose, and why your daily ritual is mission critical.

Module 1:

Your Written Story and Legacy

Face head on how the world would see your story and legacy until this point in time if you were to die today. The reality is that most men lie to themselves, so taking an accurate snapshot of where you are today is instrumental to envisioning a brighter future.

Module 2:

A Life Audit

Get on track with your vision and goals by first taking stock of where you rank in all areas like relationships, family, job, physical health, mental health, and enjoyment. This module takes the work you did in the first and dives deeper so that you have a very clear idea of what areas of your life truly need to evolve for you to become the King of your Kingdoms.

Module 3:

Playing Life Above or Below the Line

Observe your behaviors and habits to see which are holding you back and draining you, and which give you vigor and propel you forward in life. You will only become a man you are deeply proud of, when you let go of the excuses you’ve been holding on to. Learn that the only thing holding you back from becoming a King is the story you’ve been telling yourself about why you’re undeserving of him.

Module 4:

Identity 2.0

Visualize your dream life, body, experience, and more using only images as if you were reigning as King of your Kingdoms as your highest and best self. An extremely powerful and effective spin on your everyday vision board, this module offers an exciting exercise so that you’ll have a clear vision of the man you’re committed to becoming.

Module 5:

Your New Life Manifesto

Write into existence your new story as a King of your Kingdoms defining what life looks and feels like as if it were reality today. Your beliefs determine your potential. Your potential dictates your actions. And your actions produce the results in your life. Building off all the previous modules, you’ll truly begin locking in the beliefs that will skyrocket the trajectory of your life!

Module 6:

Character Traits, Unquestionable Standards, Personal Boundaries

Determine who you must be, the standards you must hold, and what you are willing to tolerate in order to fulfill your purpose. A lot of men suffer from being too appeasing and willing to sacrifice their own standards and boundaries so that they’ll be liked. This must stop. And it stops when you identify the character traits, standards and healthy boundaries required for you to create a deeply fulfilling life rather than one where everyone else wins except you.

Module 7:

Top Ten to Knowing Success

Avoid the traps set for you in the competitive “achieving” race, and define what “success” really means in your eyes. Too many men believe that they will achieve “success” some time off in the future, once they’ve accomplished arbitrary milestones. The truth is, success isn’t something you achieve, it’s a way of being and in this module, you set up the game of life founded off abundance rather than a belief of scarcity.

Module 8:

Your Ideal Work and Vacation Days, and Romantic Relationship

Identify Identify how work days, vacation days, and romantic relationships will look as you embark on your purpose. With countless coaching clients over the years, men have often struggled to envision what life truly looks like on a granular level, when they’re loving every aspect of it. For most men, the life of their dreams is actually so much closer than they realize, they haven’t taken the time to paint that vision in three dimensions. Walk away with a crystal clear vision of how life looks when you’re winning, whether you’re working, vacationing, or connecting with those you hold closest to your heart. you work days, rest days, and romantic relationships will look as you embark on your purpose.

Module 9:

Power Affirmations

Create simple, straightforward statements to read when times get tough and you must remind yourself of the King you are. Because a HUGE part of this whole process of Becoming Kings, is creating the “cheat code” for how to shortcut your journey in experiencing a life you have fallen in love with in every way. Reciting your list of power affirmations daily will rewire the neural connections in your brain so that there’s no more self-doubt and instead there’s only the confidence of knowing you’re every part the King you knew you had the desire to become.

Module 10:

Dreams to Beliefs and Beliefs to Reality

This remaining module is where everything comes together and without a powerful consistent routine of how you integrate your Code of Kings into your life on a daily basis, then no matter how much work you’ve put into it, it’ll all be for not. So this module gives you key secrets to integrate your Code of Kings into the foundation of how you start and finish each day, ensuring that your success in becoming a King is inevitable.

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