CONDOMiniums & “Personal Growth”

by Aug 7, 2020

I made all sorts of goofy mistakes as a kid.

…I was a bit sheltered. Which is why I learned about contraception and anatomy by accident. 

I’ll always be thankful for my parents and the care they gave me, yet there’s so many stories I’ve got where I learned about the world because of my lack of education. Being sheltered did have its perks, though I’m realizing they may have been few and far between. 

Hey, at least the stories are funny! 

This time on The Johnny King Show, you’re going to learn why mislabeling condominiums on Halloween and having a teenage older sister provide a few moments of educational hilarity for my adult life.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Best Halloween story EVER. (1:13)
  • It’s all about those CONDOMS. (3:27)
  • “What’s a boner?” (5:30)
  • A different kind of “personal growth”. (7:57)

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1 Comment

  1. Emily

    You are a nut (pun intended). Thanks for the laugh Johnny, too funny!