Confronting My Own White Privlege

by Jun 5, 2020

Look, it has to be done if things are going to change.

We can’t keep having the same song and dance: people cry out for help and we tell them why we can’t care. That’s not who we should be as men, especially as leaders in our communities. The height of my privilege is getting to say “I was ignorant, so I couldn’t have done anything to help.”

If we’re going to be the kind of men we’ve been talking about becoming, this is our time to step up. Truth is, we have to do more AND we have to do it better. There are no free passes this time. We can’t let ourselves be ruled by fear and passivity. Forget what others will think if we stand up for our black brothers and sisters. 

It needs to be done, and we need to do it together. I’ve seen others say it, and it bears repeating:

Enough is enough. 

I’m not an authoritative voice. However, I can become an ally, and I ask that you open up and try to do the same. Now is not the time for redirection and scrutinizing of those crying out for help. We need to answer the call no matter what.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How I choked (0:50)
  • Feeling the pressure of my ignorance (4:09)
  • My white privilege on full display (6:26)
  • Noticing my biases and prejudices (10:52)
  • This fills me with fury (14:41)
  • Humbled with how much I must educate myself  (18:03)
  • The balance of challenging others while offering compassion (20:55)

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