Confronting What It Means to be a Man with Stefanos Sifandos

by Aug 17, 2020

The moment he came undone was the start of the rest of his life.

He was in a cut-throat industry. Living fast, and living scared. His relationships were shallow, with unhealthy habits around alcohol, sex, and lying. And one day Stefanos Sifandos had to come to terms with all that he’d become. 

However it is not enough to just realize that change needs to happen. 

Stefanos began to take responsibility for his change, through journaling and mental health work. Today, he’s a man on a mission to help others become more conscious and powerful in their life. 

In this interview, we go deep into the idea of dissolving the ego, while healing the wounds we have. It might be hard, and yet we must go toe-to-toe with the traumas, pain, and the experiences that pushed us to become the people we don’t want to be. 

Stefanos is inspiring and intense… and someone I think every one of us should listen to so that we can become better, healthier people!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Stef’s back story. (2:50)
  • A willingness to do “the work”. (8:40)
  • A tenant of healthy masculinity. (16:55)
  • Healing and shifting your identity. (23:53)
  • Love blocks. (31:54)
  • Authentic confidence and vulnerability. (36:16)
  • Create the man YOU want to be. (42:20)

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