COVID-19 and My Experience

by Jan 22, 2021

The viral full-body press.

Sensitivity warning: we’ll be talking about the effects COVID-19 had on me. If you’re uncomfortable with discussions of illness, pain, etc., skip ahead to the next episode!

As much as you’ve seen others say it on social media, I need to affirm something about COVID-19: it’s no joke. This virus hits in a way I’ve never quite felt before, and I’m not certain where I picked it up from. 

 What was it like? Well, it was like this slow burn that reached into every part of my body and twisted it up. I won’t go into details here, however if you only read this today, please know that if you’re immunocompromised or live with certain health risks, COVID-19 is brutal

I’m in pretty good physical health and it had me sleeping 12 hours a day for almost a week.  The pain, achiness, and lethargy I experienced was almost alien to me, because I don’t get sick often. 

If you’re curious about my entire experience, from the “I know I’ve got this thing,” to “I can barely move” phases, you’ll want to dig into this one.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • COVID is no joke. (0:44)
  • Gotta keep on, keepin’ on! (4:18)
  • An attack on my nervous system. (8:53)
  • The timeline of symptoms. (13:06)
  • Definitely different than anything I’ve ever experienced. (17:10)

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1 Comment

  1. keith

    I think I may have had it in the Spring, because I had all the symptoms except loss of taste/smell and a high fever(pretty low, but had chills and then felt like I was burning up). I got a negative test though. They do know a lot about Covid 19, but it still seems like a mystery illness…with mutations, and becoming more contagious (not that it wasn’t to begin with).