Creating a Rewarding Life with Boo Arnold

by May 3, 2021

Learn to prioritize your loves in life.

From seminary to sports, acting, studying history, and doing business, Boo Arnold has lived a life full of unexpected opportunities. 

It all started with the crushing defeat of being dropped from college sports as a senior and being forced to move his life into a new direction. Drawn in by faith, he was catapulted onto a journey he could have only dreamed of…

What it took was the willingness to accept he didn’t have all the answers, while also leaning into an intellectual hunger to know more about the world. Encountering concepts from the philosophical school of Materialism drove him to double down on his Christian faith, and into the realm of seminary and theology. 

Equipped with a MA in theology, he answered the call to serve underprivileged communities around the world. The experience showed him just how much he had to give back to the world, and ever since he’s been non-stop on his mission to impact the lives of others. 

Talking with Boo makes a rewarding life sound pretty easy, however each of us must get there our own way! And that’s why this episode is so important to sit with:

We cover many different disciplines of thought, spirit, and body—underscoring the importance of never assuming you have only one path forward in life. This time on The Johnny King Show, we’re talking about everything: relationships, intellectual concepts, faith, physical fitness, business, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Finding the reward in life. (2:39)
  • Life’s transitions. (12:38)
  • Discerning what to do in life. Vocation. (23:24)
  • Studying the ancient documents. (35:40)
  • An actor’s artistic license. (46:28)
  • How’re you REALLY doing? (54:47)
  • How shame isolates. (1:03:06)

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