Creating Greater Fulfillment Through Mindfulness with Chris Dumler

by Sep 13, 2021

Creating mental space wherever you go.

Mindfulness is the ultimate skill we can cultivate to maintain awareness in every moment of life. 

If it’s so useful though, why do so many people struggle to gain the skill? According to Chris Dumler we tend to overcomplicate the process. 

Mindfulness studies are something that academic institutions are putting BIG money behind right now, and because it’s represented as a pinnacle life skill we assume it’s difficult

Likewise, there are many other life skills that are associated with mindfulness, creating something of a “chicken and egg” problem. For example, if someone finds meditation difficult, they may assume that they’re unable to achieve mindfulness… 

As it turns out, there is a much simpler way to achieve mindfulness that doesn’t require meditation. All it requires is a repeatable thought process you can learn in this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast. 

I sit down with Chris Dumler, a good friend and mindfulness coach who has the answers YOU need to start your mindfulness journey.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Mr. Miyagi, Chris Dumler. (0:46)
  • How do you employ more mindfulness. (9:31)
  • Can you create more mindfulness in normal day life? (19:41)
  • Muscle memory kicks in as the result of training fundamentals. (29:50)
  • It’s not easy, however it’s worth it. (39:50)
  • Energy, nutrients and quality of life. (48:29)

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