Crossing The Threshold

by Mar 23, 2022

The Leap of Faith isn’t so scary

You can tie yourself into a knot over anything if you analyze it closely enough. Vigorous analysis  can often lead to new and intellectually stimulating ideas, however it can also come at a cost. 

Recently while pondering my own business and growing my brand, a quandary crossed my mind that I hadn’t thought of before. If I get to the place that I want to go, and my business is thriving, will it only lead to me ignoring the things that really matter? Will my relationships with those I love most fall by the wayside in exchange for personal and professional success? 

That type of thinking can only lead to second-guessing everything, including your own life’s work and purpose. This episode of the podcast is dedicated to not only stopping those limiting beliefs, it’s also about how we look past them and take our leaps of faith without our minds jumping to the worst possible outcome.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Wise words. (0:51)
  • Just do it! (3:41)
  • Window shopping or store shopping. (6:46)
  • Are you shackled to your limiting..

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