Crypto 101 for Beginners with Pete King

by Apr 11, 2022

Mining for gold in the new age of finance

2008 was a year of ramifications. When the global market crashed and threw millions of people’s lives into disarray, there was a point of no return for long-held beliefs in institutions that had failed the general population. 

Simply put, it was time to take financial well-being into our own hands. 

Cryptocurrency has been one of the escape hatches that has risen to prominence the last few years. And now that it’s gone mainstream, you may feel like you’ll fall behind if you’re not fully informed. Knowing where to start in an entirely new marketplace can be daunting.

I sat down with my brother, Pete King, to go over the basics of the new financial and technological landscape. We discuss the origins of cryptocurrency, the basics of how it works, its place in a new society, and where it could go from here.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Becoming Jesters. (1:07)
  • Foundations of truth. (8:51)
  • Global fascism exposed. (19:29)
  • Moneyball vs Crypto. (28:54)
  • Laggards. (38:18)
  • Crypto 101 call to action. (46:00)

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