Cultivation Connection with Ranit Damti

by Jun 6, 2022

Having Your Own Back

Stepping into your power is much easier said than done. Yet it’s a state of being that very few, if any of us end up fully embodying. 

Ranit Damti is dedicated to changing that. 

Growing up in Israel, Ranit observed that there were very few if any healthy, fully actualized relationships. Her loved ones were putting up facades of strength and confidence, whereas in actuality they were vulnerable, scared, and not fulfilled emotionally. All around her, she observed people who were not coming to grips with their own lives and cultivating real, lasting change. 

Harnessing those challenges, her lived experience as an immigrant, and her own extensive personal work, Ranit has swam against the tide of all the difficulties that she’s faced as a stranger in an unknown land. She now helps women navigate the everyday challenges of being an adult in the modern age so they can step into their power, voice, and purpose. 

Join Ranit and I for this heartfelt, informative, and powerful discussion and discover how cultivating connection is the key to taking tangible action and making lasting change.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What is the Honest Compass? (2:06)
  • The initiation into “adulthood”. (15:22)
  • What is your “inner knowing”? (28:19)
  • Being connected to your body. (40:51)
  • Imperfect parts and they translate into connection. (50:44)

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