Dealing with Self-Doubt

by Oct 20, 2021

Doubt and apathy infiltrate life in different ways.

In my experience these feelings come into my life when fear overtakes your needs. Specifically, for me, the fear of the unknown makes me feel numb and doubt my ability to get things done. But can anyone truly know how something is going to turn out? 

Dealing with self-doubt is something I grapple with constantly. Am I good enough? Am I lovable? Can I follow through on my promises? 

Self-sabotaging my current self to avoid facing my future-self. I move past these doubts by acknowledging my limited beliefs, refuting them, and replacing them with what I know to be true. 

The most recent example for me was wondering whether or not my new book, Becoming Kings: A Modern Man’s Path to Being Powerful, Purpose-Driven, and Fulfilled in a World that has Taught You Not to Be, was actually any good. Would men want to hear what I have to say? Well I can tell you based on the reception I’ve gotten, those fears were completely unfounded.

Sit down with me for this episode of Becoming Kings and think about what self doubt does to you, and how you can move past your insecurities. If you want to dive even deeper into topics like these, pick up a copy of my new book at

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Dealing with doubt. (0:47)
  • Sabotaging my current self. (5:54)
  • Did you ace the test or bomb it? (12:33)
  • Self doubt coupled with high standards. (18:32)
  • Take action in the face of failure.  (23:26)

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