Dealing with Shameful Self-Talk

by Oct 21, 2020

Where does shame begin?

Shame is rooted in the fear of connection, so for a lot of us it starts in early childhood. 

For me, I think it started when I got held back in second grade. While it doesn’t have the same effect on me as an adult, it was that moment that started me down a path of having affinity for shame, the behaviors that come with it. 

And honestly, it came out with a lot of behaviors I don’t like. I heard from a former classmate that I bullied her in school, and I certainly had a way about me that was destructive to others and my surroundings. All because I had begun to follow the patterns of shame-driven behavior. 

Zooming out on shame, how we talk to ourselves often informs how easily we connect with others, and for a long time I had trouble being who I really was… which made connecting complicated. So, what do we do with shame?

In this episode I’m disclosing some of my own experience with shame and discussing Brené Brown’s insight into how to deal with it.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What “self-love” requires. (1:08)
  • Shame must be spoken of. (5:50)
  • Why men need more reps using their words. (12:16)
  • General pain = general pain relief. (18:10)
  • Taking responsibilities of my short-comings. (24:57)
  • Handle shame and you handle depression, addiction, etc. (31:11)

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