Diving Deep into Optimal Body Performance

by Nov 27, 2020

Paleo, parasites, and a discussion about my health.

Ya’ll ever heard of leaky gut? 

Yeah, it’s bad. So, for a lot of my life I felt like I was always having some sort of issue with my gut. Gassy, craving weird foods, vitamin deficient… yeah there was a lot going on that I didn’t know how to fix. 

Well, I recently started reading about a paleo diet and consulting some extra health information to figure out how I could start fixing my body, and getting myself where I want to be (you know, not uncomfortable all the time). 

Anyway, today we’re diving into what I’ve been doing to get my internals into their best shape so that I can get my externals where I want that to be. It’ll require some talk about some “p” words that might make people squeamish. 

That’s not so much a content warning as much as it’s a little bit of a TMI warning. However, I can promise you that you’ll leave this episode amazed by my results, and may even desire to challenge your own health habits.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Geeking out about health. (0:37)
  • Don’t wait till you’re old to test yourself. (3:03)
  • Pesticides and herbicides. (6:08)
  • The Paleo Approach for Autoimmune Diseases. (9:37)
  • Healthcare vs Sickcare. (12:26)
  • Taking notice of how your body works. Test it out! (14:14)

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