Do This, and Your Life Will Change

by Feb 4, 2022

Sifting through the life’s currents

We live in a three-dimensional world. Our lives and events we experience yields a constantly shifting world that we have to somehow navigate and find our place in. How do most people choose to perceive and understand the ever-changing world around them?

They cling to their beliefs for dear life. 

I get it. The world and the problems it throws at us can be a terrifying proposition. There are different ways to cope and wade through the currents while holding onto the branches that are our views around the world. But often for convenience, these views are binary and easy to understand. “The other side of the argument is bad and mine is good,” is the most commonly used mechanism people use to shape their worldview. 

But what happens when your belief is challenged and you know the opposite side has a valid point?

I challenge you to shift the way you look at yourself and the world around you. Start seeking enlightenment and understanding instead of trying to be right all the time. The latter mindset only leads to wounding ourselves and others.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Making decisions from fear. (0:51)
  • Not wanting our beliefs to be challenged. (5:21)
  • Seeking the win-win. (10:12)
  • Putting it into action. (14:52)
  • When we all lose, we get wounded. (19:18)

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