Do You Desire to Be Tested?

by Apr 14, 2021

Seeking out challenges to prove your manhood.

I used to be a pretty intense guy in my 20s. I was all-in with the gym, new experiences, and even love letters to girls. 

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why I was so motivated to be like this, and recently it finally dawned on me… I was constantly looking for ways to prove my manhood to myself and others, so I could make up for my “father wound.” 

Anyway, this instinct to be super intense about everything led to me issuing a grand proclamation to the girl of my—recent—dreams when I was younger… and it didn’t really land. She laughed it off and next thing I knew, she was gone. 

Today though, things are different. I’m still intense, however I’ve learned how to seek challenges and become “battle tested” for my own satisfaction rather than to prove something to other people! 

With this episode of The Johnny King Show, you’ll learn how I failed miserably wooing a girl, and how that showed me a better path to embrace my manhood.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Wisdom from my man, Chance. (0:46)
  • Why are some men drawn towards war? (3:28)
  • How to “woo” a woman. haha (6:24)
  • A desire for boys to know if they have what it takes. (9:36)
  • Get involved with other men and seek adventure. (12:13)

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