Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

by Sep 29, 2021

As long as you have a pulse, you can change ANYTHING.

I get it. Life has a way of not going exactly how you want. 

It certainly hasn’t gone the way I planned for myself. And I think for both of us, it’s a fact that can wear us down over time. I know I have days where reflection makes me feel like a lot of the things I’ve accomplished weren’t really worth the uphill battle. 

But then I remember that change is always an option. We don’t have to give up and lay down. WE CAN live the lives we desire. 

All it takes is flipping our perspective on what it means to give up. As men, we ought to consider adopting the idea that we’ll give up when we’re dead. I know we both desire to be deeply resilient, and the ONLY way to cultivate this is to start with that self-talk. 

This time on the Becoming Kings podcast we’re going to take a candid look at what it means to give up… and how we can dramatically shift our lives when we remove the option.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Throwing in the towel. (0:47)
  • And THEN what would you do? (4:26)
  • Becoming Kings Books available 10.12.21 (8:02)
  • We all need a certain amount of stress. (11:51)
  • If you’ve been in the muck, it’ll pass. (16:15)

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