Do You Feel Unlovable?

by Feb 8, 2021

Start with how you talk about yourself.

You know, my buddy gets that people love him dearly. He just has trouble receiving it. We were sitting down to talk about it after he had a downer of a birthday. What was weird was that he had an outpouring of genuine care on that day, and he still felt unloved… or rather he hadn’t accepted that he was. 

I’ve been the same way in the past, and it’s entirely possible you struggle with it as well. As we were chatting, we landed on something important:

Our language often shows us why we struggle to accept love or other good things from others. We talk down to ourselves, and run with negative thought patterns without even realizing it. So I want to ask you something…. 

How do you think your day-to-day would change if you shifted your language? Let’s break it all down in this episode of The Johnny King Show.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Was it the best day of your life? (0:48)
  • HBD notes. (3:31)
  • Either YOU’RE lying, or I’M lying to myself. (7:01)
  • “Try harder to love yourself”. (11:28)
  • This is the truth. (15:06)
  • You cannot run away from your problems. (18:37)

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