Do You Have Premonitions?

by Jul 21, 2021

Catching up with thoughts of the future.

Some people experience a phenomenon where they vividly see an event in their near or distant future. 

Whether or not this is just the mind exploring likely scenarios or something more supernatural, we’ll likely never know for sure. 

However, this has happened to me recently twice now. The first time was months ago when I met Gerard Butler at a retreat (shortly after he popped into my mind out of the blue). And the second time, well I’m going to share that story here on the podcast on this episode. 

Okay, so how can this story about having premonitions about celebrities impact you this week? 

A lot of the guys I speak to are skeptical about the power of manifestation (and their relationship to premonitions). They have good reason to be… and at times I’m skeptical too. Yet this story really defies all logic, because I really wanted to meet this person and I did, in a fairly unexpected way.

If nothing else, it’s a strong reminder that the world is truly open to us. And my hope is that after listening to this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, you’ll believe that you too could take advantage of this reality.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Strange things are happening. (0:54)
  • Amy Purdy. (3:16)
  • Talk about a fighter! (6:14)
  • A higher authority? (9:44)
  • Downloading from source. (12:11)

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