Embarrassing Moments by Johnny King

by Dec 23, 2020

Camp, raging hormones, and other extreme sports.

Oh man, it’s been a while since a “story time with Johnny,” episode. 

And boy, do I have an episode for you. 

It’s summer. I’m 14. You know what that’s like. I’m at camp, angling to become a counselor in training. With my eye on a girl, and a challenge course to overcome… I was ready to show off. 

When everything seemed to be going wrong I stepped up to save the day. Unfortunately, what happened next may have spoiled my chances. Kick back with another story from my teen years where everyone is laughing at me because I got in my own head.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • One of my most embarrassing moments. (2:03)
  • Summer camp crushes. (4:51)
  • The ULTIMATE challenge! (6:46)
  • Get some WD40 on that teeter totter. (9:00)
  • My most devastating teenage moment. (10:13)
  • Record set, but no kisses that summer. (12:49)

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