Discover Your Erotic Blueprint

by Jun 3, 2020

Sex is always one of my favorite topics.

A lot of us have a mixed history with sex. Some of us are sexually progressive and free, some of us experience shame and repression. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, the conversation around how to make sex better is always a refreshing one. And I’ve been reading some stuff that makes the whole conversation interesting. 

The system is like the 5 Love Languages, but for sex. I’ve found what the author of this content, Miss Jaiya, extremely enlightening and worth digging into. Because the truth is, sexuality is complicated, whether you’re straight or queer. So often, the conversation turns into “just do what feels right,” yet at times it’s hard to figure out what that is. 

This system is designed to help you figure out how you experience sex, and how to make the most of it. It helps people like me overcome sexual shame from my upbringing, and the sexually progressive communicate what they like and want with their partners. 

Figuring out your sexual love languages will help you develop your erotic blueprint.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Sexual shame (2:02)
  • All in on relationship growth (5:00)
  • Different dialects within Love Languages (8:20)
  • The 5 Love Languages vs Your Exotic Blueprint (10:05)
  • Sexual, Sensual, Energetic, Kinky & Shapeshifter (11:10)
  • Miss Jaiya and the Erotic Blueprint test (15:50)

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