Ever Feel Like Something is Missing?

by Jan 8, 2021

Questioning to seek clarity and find energy.

Since I started this journey as a men’s coach, I’ve usually had a coach in my life. 

After everything that 2020 brought up in me, I realized it was time to make sure I had someone holding me accountable and asking the hard questions. Without keeping myself in tip-top shape how am I supposed to keep doing the work I do with my brothers? 

One important lesson I’ve learned along the way: it’s important to investigate whenever you’re feeling like something is missing. Whether it’s a spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional hole that needs feeling you’ll find it difficult to be your best for the people who need you to be. 

That’s why during this year with TJKS I’ll be asking the hard questions. Starting with “Do you ever feel like something is missing?” Join me on this exploration of seeking answers!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Feeling flat. (1:04)
  • Coaching support. (3:18)
  • Throwing your potential away? (5:37)
  • This is the work I’m committed to in 2021. (7:51)
  • A community of people willing to do the work! (10:10)

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